What’s Hot!

Mobile marketing via text, mobile web sites and other applications is building a reputation for delivering measurable results for businesses. Results that include not only a near 100 percent read rate, but also average a 12 percent redemption rate. That’s more than 4x the rate of direct mail, print advertising and email. Most importantly, it’s a vehicle that works for nearly any type business and it’s affordable and measurable.

 Still not sure mobile marketing will work for you? Consider this…

290+ million U.S. wireless subscribers, and projecting 362 M by 2013

The average subscriber sends 15 texts (SMS) per day

By mid-2009, 95.4 billion text messages were sent in the US,

This equates to 530 million messages being sent daily

1 in 2 American’s will own a smartphone by Q4 2010

Mobile Web adoption has grown 8x faster than the desktop Internet at its launch

95+ million subscribe to data plans enabling the use of mobile websites

32% of mobile subscribers regularly use the mobile web

35% of mobile web searches have a local intent

 Maybe you are thinking mobile marketing is out of reach, but with its low cost, any large or small business can utilize it. Your business can prosper through mobile marketing because it can be a great way to promote products, deliver coupons, survey opinions, execute rewards programs and provide up-to-date news to drive new and repeat sales.

Still not convinced mobile is effective? Work with us and we can set up a test to help you determine the best way to utilize the mobile channel.