Response Dynamics can help with all your Marketing Services Needs

Today, businesses like yours understand the increasingly important role Multi Channel Direct Marketing can play in attaining your objectives.  But like many companies, a lack of budget or available, experienced employees can limit the effectiveness of your efforts.

Response Dynamics brings that experience to the table, assuring that you’re marketing efforts run smoothly and profitably.  From vendor selection to project assessment and analysis, we will assist and assure that your projects are completed effectively, on schedule and within your budget.  And, because we know the vendors from the inside, your results will exceed your expectations!

Best of all, our services to you are free of charge

With over 30 years’ experience finding, specifying and coordinating the application of Marketing Services for marketers across many industries, we know how to help you achieve your goals.  We also know how much you should pay and how long it should take.  And, we know how to contract with the best vendors to assure you receive the best service and results.  And since we are often commissioned by the vendors for the services we coordinate for you, our services to you are usually free!

Response Dynamics will assist you with Resource Identification, RFI/RFP Generation, Vendor Assessment, Services Analysis, Price Negotiation and Service Agreements. We can help manage your projects by performing Needs Analysis, Budget Planning & Assessment, Project Planning, Scheduling, Specifications & Instruction Generation, Vendor Coordination, Problem Resolution, Quality Control and Program Review.

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